Responsible Gaming

The leadership team at Design Works Gaming has been involved in the land-based and online gambling industry, in different continents, in a variety of founding and senior roles, for many years. We have also been active players of land-based and online sports betting, gaming and other gambling products for decades. As a result of this involvement and participation, the team know and have experienced the amazing enjoyment, excitement and entertainment that gambling can bring. We also know and understand that on occasions it has the capability of not always providing such a positive experience. We also recognise the hugely important role that responsible gaming plays in helping us to build a sustainable company, where everyone involved can be proud to be part of.

We understand and are very cognisant of the huge importance of delivering and encouraging a socially responsible approach and attitude to gambling, within and outside of our industry and in our own organisation. This includes a total commitment to doing all that we can to protect those that are most vulnerable from any gambling related issues. This commitment, as a games developer and a business to business supplier, is reflected in the integration of our responsible gaming policies, procedures and actions into our everyday operations. This is extremely important, but we want to go beyond simply having the required policies and procedures in place to satisfy applicable laws, codes of practice, regulations and advice.

Our aim is to utilise our experience, expertise and awareness to formulate an effective, innovative and meaningful internal approach to socially responsible gaming. We also want to engage with and support the industry, the regulators and other appropriate organisations to make a more tangible and practical difference. We would like to do everything we can to ensure that gambling harm is minimised, protection is tangible and effective and, through choice, socially responsible gaming is at the top of our industry’s agenda. We want responsible gambling to be accepted and enjoyed as a popular, mainstream leisure pastime, where everyone who participates in it can do so in a way that provides entertainment and enjoyment, in a safe, secure and fair environment.