Volume. Variety. Validated.

The three Vs are essential to our success at DWG.

Learn about why we would keep volume, variety and validation at the forefront of our game development process.


DWG produced over 110+ original slot titles in 2018.

How did we do it? You might assume that we use a lot of math model clones in our game development. Well, you’d be pleasantly surprised that we achieve that kind of volume without relying on clones. We attribute our efficiency to a few factors:

  • Decades of experience – DWG has been producing enduringly popular game titles since 2005.
  • Our proprietary technologies and processes help us achieve an unrivaled volume of games.
  • Our entire game development process is under one roof. Every aspect of game creation – from math to art, from art to programming – is ALL done in house with our nimble team.

How does this high volume benefit you? For one thing, it allows us to offer customers high-quality games on an exclusive basis – meaning you can differentiate your site from other competitors. Our productivity also allows us to try new game concepts and innovations – you don’t find “ordinary” slots around here.


Over 70% of our games stem from original math models.

We pride ourselves on the variety of games in our catalogue and that means we don’t have a lot of room for clones. One aspect that differentiates us from other RMG suppliers is that we have roots in Las Vegas, which means we make the most authentic classic-Vegas-style slots on the market. But, it doesn’t stop there,  whether we are making classic spinning reel slots or dazzling video slots, our slot games feature a wide range of:

  • Themes
  • Art styles
  • Math models
  • Reel and line configurations
  • Progressives
  • Features
  • Volatility
  • And more!


Our RMG games have been validated by millions of players around the globe who have given their stamp of approval.

So, you could say that it’s not a gamble to work with us! In fact, every game in our RMG portfolio has had proven success in land-based and social gaming – we only bring the very best of our land-based and social games to RMG. We find that there is a strong correlation between success in one platform to another. Simply put, our rigorous testing and research results in better products for your site.

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